Yesterday. #Z2AChallenge

“Today is the tomorrow, you dreamed of yesterday”.
– ak

Dear Yesterday, 

I don’t know where to begin. Let me start by saying this that I am glad to have outlived you. Oh, I am sorry, I am terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But everyone told me to move on, that there is always a tomorrow and and that the grass will be greener, the birds a little chirpier, the sun a little warm, the wind a little more pleasant and all those good things which were supposed to happen will happen.  I just floated in the boat that everyone so happily jumped into. I was glad I did because I felt that there was still some hope. Well, that’s what everybody kept telling me. I just felt that it will take its course and that sharp turn in the stream will be a turning point for me.

Oh, come on now, please stop crying. What I actually meant to say is I miss you. There you go, I see a smile somewhere there. Thats’ better. I will admit it, I really miss you. I wasn’t looking forward for a brand new day. You see they lied. That sharp turn which I thought would be a turning point, turns out it was. No wait, hear me out. It turned me upside down and I am, off the course completely lost right now. You know how difficult it is to keep in lieu of the new days, the todays, the tomorrows. These days are so uncertain that I sometimes even have nightmares. Believe me, I have had sleepless nights about what the new day would bring to the table.

So, before anyone would put forth their idea of what an incredibly great today and a great life they are living and how each day is a bliss, I would agree with you too because I believe you. It’s your life and you have a right to have an opinion on your life, however splendid or otherwise it may be. You like it, you are happy about it and it’s all that matters. So, you will be looking forward to your wonderful today and a even better tomorrow. But there are some rotten tomatoes. 

The problem with yesterday is that people discard it as something we can’t do anything about. Some leave it with great memories, while some with bitter. It was in the past“… “It happened a long time ago“, “It was a bad day” – We have either learned to just forget about it. Or better, learn from the past. I would really want to take the latter one into limelight. 

Learn from the past, is something every one us do. First of all, we are not an experts at knowing what life is, what we are supposed to do and what our actions will lead us to. There is no rulebook, per say. It is basically a trail and error method. So, when people say learn from the past, its’ basically that each bitter experience gives us something to learn and use the so gained experience to avoid any such in the future, the today and the tomorrows to come. Of all the yesterday(s), this is the only good thing I see. Well, there are memories too. Memories are cherished always. Th bitter ones are the experience, the better ones are something we talk about over coffee tables (or tea ifyou are a tea person) or tell it to the grandkids.

Tomorrow (why bother) : I will do this. I will do that.
Yesterday (why bother) : I should have done this. I should have done that.
Today (why bother) : I am doing this and also that.

We see a difference in the tone, don’t we? So what does yesterday offer us? A chance to learn, a chance to remember the good, a chance to improve ourselves, a chance to be a better person. So, take a cue and take that shot at being that better person you had always wished to be.

Every today will a yesterday and the power is to you. The power to make that today, this day the best, so you can have a better yesterday. Tomorrow is a bit far and lets not dwell too much into the future. But today is passing by. Look around. Let it sink in and feel the air. Live in the moment as you feel the symphony of your breaths. Enjoy and get busy living.

So, dear yesterday, I haven’t forgotten you yet. Remember I said I really miss you. That’s because, I wanted to be a part of you, I still do, everyday. Just you and me, in the yesterday. Hopefully, one day we will meet and stay together for eternity, until we are completely forgotten.

Until that yesterday.

Yours’ truly

There is a world that rhymes when you sing.
– ak

#Z2AChallenge , because I can spell the alphabets in reverse!