X. #Z2AChallenge

X – A missing entity. 

A friend is not just a person who cares for you. A friend is an emotion.
– ak

What is the name of your best friend?“,
asked the one of the questionnaire as I was completing a bank transaction. I keyed in the name of my “best friend”. Only that the name wasn’t that of my best friend. Only that my-allegedly-best-friend might not even remember me. Only that my-best-friend won’t be knowing that I was using their name under the most precious and less acclaimed designation a person could ever get. 

“With whom did you go to the movie?“,
asked the smartass guy who had not only watched the movie, but was basing his opinions on what others were saying about the movie. “You went alone to the movie? Why man? How could you watch? That too alone?”, continued the very same hypocrite showing off his teeth as if he made a great joke feeling sort of proud for pulling off a great troll.

We all are going to the stadium to watch the match“,
declared excited the group of people I was sorta part of while they took their leave wearing their favorite team’s jersey. 

“Why are you sitting alone?”,
asked a colleague when he caught me neck deep in my phone scrolling though the blog feed.

“What did you do in the weekend?”,
asked the person who had a great time with their friends, traveling and watching and hanging out. 

“Are you with anyone?”,
asked no one ever!

Table for 1, please“,
I said showing my index finger to the guy in suit who just greeted with a Namaste.

“Another coffee please!”,
I said to the coffee guy when he asked me,”Would you like anything, Sir?”, giving the hint that I might not be drinking coffee alone after all only to shatter his momentary dreams as I took a sip as soon as he brought it to my table.

“Hey, Sorry! I can’t make it!”,
said the guy who had made a plan himself to hang out when he immediately had to tend to the needs of a girl.

“How the hell am I supposed to finish this all alone?”,
I exclaimed as I looked at the new cuisine I thought of trying which covered the entire table. 

“I stay with my friends”,
I lied when people ask me where and with whom I stay?

“Don’t you get bored of doing things all alone?”,
asked the people who didn’t care to invite.

“Why don’t you talk much?”,
asked the very same people who asked all the above questions. 


*X = Once Upon a time Friend

– ak

because I can spell the alphabets in reverse!

#Day3 #X