Snap. #Z2AChallenge

Toss a coin when you are confused between two and when it is in the air, you will wish for one. You will have your answer. 

So, best of three…five…ten…hundred.

Have yo ever had the feeling like you are in a dilemma and you have to make a decision but you just can’t make it. Then you spend an awful lot of time pondering over what to chose, whether you should do it or not. Then you toss a coin, but then again you aren’t happy with the outcome. You are confused and getting frustrated as moments pass by with no firm decision whatsoever. And at one point you just …snap and do the most unlikely of the things. Well, its’ just me. 

a. It was the start of monsoon. And due to my problem of not being able to say no, I was in Kolkata. They sent me as a critical resource, only that I had no idea on what I was supposed to be working on. It was alien to me. But because my so called disease of not being able to say no, I ended up in Kolkata and was terrified. I was terrified not of the new place, but was of the embarrassment I would be in a face off with. But thankfully, I was able to save myself all that drama. But then I saw her. Till the point I didn’t even comb my hair. It was long, messy and was looking utterly stupid. It was then I realised that I forgot my glasses. The reason for all this mishap with me was my negligence as I was no where interested in travelling to Kolkata. I tried to, you know get out of this situation, but just couldn’t. I am very bad at making my point clear. Anyhow, I really wanted a pair of glasses because that’s how I look more presentable, atleast that’s what I think. I wasn’t getting the right one. I scoured through different outlets and finally found one online. But, yes, there’s a catch. It was way too expensive and it wasn’t available in my size. I mean if my dad looked at the price he would say that it would be better if you don’t use the glasses at all. So, after contemplating for a few days and feeling not-so-great about my stupid hairstyle(which I thought was cool but the barber messed it up), I finally saw that available online and the next thing you know I bought it.

b. The winter was cozying up in its slumber. As soon as I came back from Kolkata, I was practically jobless with a job. So, I was going to office once in a while just to show my face and also to keep a track that I am atleast attending the office once/twice a week. Meanwhile, I got a call about a trip to Goa. And who could say ‘No’ to that? I was preparing for my travel and Goa meant two things – shorts and sunglasses. I had the shorts covered. But these sunglasses was creating trouble. My budget was a maximum of 4k bucks, because I thought I would use it for a long while so I decided to go for my favorite brand RayBan. After checking a few shops again  and finding the price getting close to 6K, I was thinking of dropping the idea of sunglasses altogether. There was this dilemma whether I should spend the money which I don’t even have and take it. There was this one last shop where I decided to get some glasses for 2K bucks, because that was easier to decide. Meanwhile, I get this call from office to report immediately. To which I say I will report on Monday since it was already 4:30 PM and immediately was out of question. I was already kind of pissed that I had already reported that week and still they said I didn’t. But I had a Goa trip the next day, so I decided to get those sunglasses. I enter the shop, pick the one that fits me and matches my brand and without even inquiring anything about it, I go to pay for it. I pay for it and come out looking at the receipt which says 9K. That brought me back to my senses.

c. The New Year had just begun and I decided to get something new. Because I was still in the spirit of celebrating the newness. iPad was a best option since I write a lot and a table would definitely come in handy. But I had always wanted an iPhone. I just couldn’t get it though. Never. So, I drop the idea of buying either and decide to do something new – SAVE. Now, this would be a huge save, won’t you agree? Inspite of my struggles with the not-working-phone I decided to stick with it for a few more months, because then I would have saved enough money. But the inevitable had to happen. The first thing that gave a kick in my sleepy brain was when my phone fell down and that fall broke the screen. I was shocked but I came to terms with it by the end of that day. Still, I decided not to get a new phone. The next day while was just checking the emails and stuff, my phone starts acting weird. So, I do the only thing we Software Engineer know – Power off and Power On. I do exactly that, only to find it not working. It got hung at the welcome logo screen. After waiting for 30 minutes and still no change I decided that this is done. I had a pretty great beginning to the year. I decided to wait it for the night. May be a sleepover was what the phone needed. So, I sleep on it and I face the same issue the following day as well.It took me a maximum of 30 seconds to book a new phone paying more than I decided to save.


Don’t do when you are angry at something, you will have to pay the credit card bill yourself.
Would you loam me some money, please?


because I can spell the alphabets in reverse.
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