Extraordinarily Ordinary VII

One fine day
“It couldn’t be a dream, it can’t be.”
It was another usual day at the office. Gautham was on time as usual. As usual as it might sound as if he was on time for office. But not quite so. He was an hour before than he should be in office. There was a reason, which he never told to the other members of the group. He always told that he was coming late to office, that there was too much traffic, or he missed his bus or some other convincing reason. And he would appear in the office after an hour. No one knew, neither did I. 
Then he saw her amidst all the crowd, he could see her as clear as water as if someone has just done a selective zoom on the person and he could see her perfectly than ever. He always came early for a glimpse of her. If only she knew, there was one such admirer. He would keep sipping coffee or fill his appetite with breakfast the second time, or third time, but that was his routine. And the worst part was that he didn’t even make the move yet. And even worse was he kept all this from us.
He was waiting in an usually long queue feeling a little bit agitated as he might miss the daily dose of his morning kick. Kick as in, he couldn’t work properly if he hadn’t seen her that day. But that day there was something wrong with the swipe machine. Okay here is the story about the swipe machine :  Before all this, all the employees were given coupons to avail free coffee or tea or milk or horlicks or bournvita , I guess you get the picture. But as an save-paper initiative ( or that’s what we termed it) they replaces the coupons with the swipe of the Employee ID card. That was actually great because now no one had to stand in queue to take the damn coupons. But that particular day, there was some complication with the swipe machine and the queue was increasing like a catalytic reaction. And so was his agitation. Nevertheless he kept an eye out at the corner from where she usually takes a turn and approaches towards her building. It took a few minutes for the machine to get back to action and the unexpectedly long queue started to fade out. And finally he was about to swipe for his share of coffee but the lady just in front of him swipe wasn’t working. The reason was unknown. The person at the counter told her that she could get a swipe from his friend who is standing behind her. When she turned back, Gautham was left with his mouth open and kept ogling at her in disbelief. Finally he regained his senses and offered his help as she was about to leave. She smiled and thanked him for his commendable gesture. But our dear friend couldn’t acknowledge her thank you as the “Sweet” (as he quotes) smile of hers got stuck in his mind. 
Gautham woke up from his sleep and as usual taking his brush when he realized he had a dream. He couldn’t believe it. AT the back of his mind, he was still thinking that this was all real and not just one good dream. It couldn’t be a dream, it can’t be. He kept telling himself to reassure himself that. He so badly wanted it to be real. He could feel the chemistry. 
But who knew that the day wasn’t far away. Who knew ? 
P.S. I sincerely apologize for skipping my introduction. But frankly speaking, who would like boasting about themselves. I mean it doesn’t even sound good. Imagine I, telling all the good things about me not giving any hint that there might be some part where I am not so good at all. I would request my friends to write about me, but then again it is like inviting myself to my own burial ground. I hope they return the favor by writing a few words like I did. I am not particularly concerned about the tone or context or anything, but I would really like it if it were all ( preferably, because then I would be having six different intro’s and that does sound awesome). And please don’t tell me that you are way to bad at writing. I am not asking for books to write on me. Just a few lines, but if that is also difficult, then one line is good enough for me. So, the bottom line is that I am not writing about myself. Come on, it sounds lame. Don’t you agree? Till I get my own intro, I would be like the background score, like a narrator that you don’t see in a movie, just a voice without a face. Come to think of it, it sounds awesome. And I am working on the continuing this story, hopefully,  ‘cuz I’ve no idea how to proceed any further. But lets’ see, if I catch any breath and get this story moving. *Fingers Crossed*