Between frames.

Between frames.

Reading between frames

I was watching TV the other day, which I rarely do unless my Internet for the month is up. So, while I was watching, there was this disturbance that keeps interrupting the natural flow of the movie or the TV show. It’s quite irritating most of the times, and hence I find it very very better to watch both on my laptop, one after the another, without any interruptions, unless it’s the Pizza at the door. And I am not usually an emotional person. But sometimes, some of these get to me, in more ways than I know. Having said that I don’t burst into tears, but that they convey a deeper meaning which we fail to see. And the worst part of it is we still ignore it, despite knowing it. The very reason these kind of advertisements are made is to attract people, of course, and along with it keep us pondering over the things we overlook all the time. The small gestures of gratitude, acknowledging the help provided, trying our best to be accepted or part of, being ourself, caring about self, likewise. All of these are small and don’t impact much, but they do make people and ourself feel better.

Here is a list of some very funny to something special advertisements that are floating around on out television sets and Youtube you-can’t-skip-it advertisements.

 Paint your clothes

Kyunki daag ache hai. 

Because small gestures do matter.

Because it’s okay to gift yourself every once in a while.

It’s those small gestures that make a little more difference.

Because bonus is always cherished – Make Smart Investments.

Because you may be different, but we all are one differently alike.  We look for acceptance from people we care about and like by doing what they like and how they like it. We try to fit in, despite the differences, which we are glad to hide. But what others’ would love is the raw version of you, the unadulterated version of you who does what you feel is right. Be
yourself and people will love you for it.

The small gestured matter more than one thinks they do.

I just love these kids and their voice overs. These are always funny, innovative and are a delight to watch.

P.S. : I don’t usually just upload videos without the valid explanations and the reasons to as why. But I wanted to see if you too see what I see, between the frames.

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