Settling in “Namma Bangalore”.

Settling in “Namma Bangalore”.

Bangalore is a place for a variety of things. You find almost everything. Nearly three years ago, when I had a chance to give the choice of work, Bangalore was my second option. Now, I will explain why I did that, I mean the second option? The organization has a knack for not not giving anyone the first preferred place. Why, because we agreed to work anywhere and under any weather, or something like that. And I was pretty sure that I would be in Bangalore and voila, I was in Bangalore a few months later after the vigorous training. I fell in love with Bangalore the first time I came. May be it was the weather or, no, its definitely the weather and may be the girls, but let’s just say Weather. I was excited sure, for the high glassy skyscrapers, the always-full shopping malls, and what isn’t here not to fall in love with, to be excited. 

So, Bangalore it was, the Silicon valley. Now, moving into an IT career was a big step in itself. The swarms of people commuting, the “incredible” traffic, the surprising climate which leaves you with an expression, “Did it just happen?” without breaking a sweat. And there was a lot of baggage, no not the luggage but the work, the traffic, the people, colleagues and living in the city filled with multitude of people, people from all over the country. Then there was accommodation, something no one could overlook. Finding the right place and balancing the basic necessities. No, not the food or clothes. It was the transportation, the shopping malls to enable finding things easier. 

When I first came to Bangalore nearly a little over 2 years ago, I had a great difficulty finding a comfortable accommodation which would satisfy the “basic necessities” and also which was affordable. It involved a lot of roaming, traveling, talking and bargaining. But still it didn’t make us happy. If only we had Quikr at that time, the PG or apartment   would have been just a mouse click away. Once that was settled, though the public mode of transportation was advisable. But the long waiting and the traffic just takes the life of people. Yes, it was affordable. But having an vehicle of our own gave a whole different pleasure. Now, not all the IT field players were able to afford a vehicle of their own and also manage the other expenses in the city. The players were huge and the pay was just the reciprocal of it. So, the only other option left was a second hand vehicle that could accommodate the need of transportation and a weekend getaway. Quikr, is the answer for it. And it’s here, in Bangalore : Quikr .

As days progressed, the city culture slowly started settling in and the drug of gadgets and fashion slowly kicked in. Tablets, DSLR’s, Jackets, whatnot, you name it, the wishlist just kept increasing and increasing. But the bank balance gave a few tears. So, Quikr got all of them. From Electronics to Lifestyle, it got everything covered. If you want a laptop or a mobile or anything as a matter of fact, Quikr has it. You just have to filter through the search to meet your requirements and buy. You could talk to the seller and find a common ground for the price and voila, you have a gadget of your own. Now they have introduced many more new features which include Jobs, Pets and Pet Care, Community and Events and Entertainment. It is a one stop place to find almost everything under the sun. What more? You have worked your ass off and are earning pretty well for yourself and have stocked yourself with everything from Quikr, almost everything. What is left, you ask? To settle down. Quikr has introduced the Matrimonial feature just to make the search for the right partner much more easier and just a click away. 

What more, you ask! Yeah, I understand, we want more, don’t we? Well, if you are in a mood for a new gadget or a house and want to sell the one you already have, you could simply post an advertisement and sell anything. And you could then invest that money in elsewhere. Great, innit? No, its just awesome. So, my fellow Bangaloreans, you know where to go when you are in need of something, that too at the comfort of your home or office, whichever is convenient. And if you are not in Bangalore, nothing to worry, it will be in your city very shortly. But you can still browse through the different catalog and get what you want. 

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