Friday, August 28, 2015


The image lingers at the corner of the eye as she is engaged in a conversation, the voice you fathomed for so long and yet you make your utmost attempts to stay focused and not give to the image. The mind plays tricks - making you 'believe' that the eyes you are so desperate to see are staring at yours, fixated, examining you, piercing right through every fabric of your soul and wanting to stared back and searching for a friend in the your eyes, screaming to know the story being the struggling focused eyes. Believe. Make Belief.

And in that one vulnerable moment, they meet yours. Your weren't expecting. You weren't ready. Your heart slips a little, pacing faster and finding the lost rhythm. Impulse takes over and you shift the gaze at something else, something that doesn't even make sense, that corroded part of the wall that no one cared to look at, becomes your hindsight, just to disguise that you weren't staring at those gorgeous eyes, thin lined with slight mascara, almost invisible. 
Damn! A sigh you let out because you got caught, red handed. 
Damn! A sigh you let out a moment ago at the essence of beauty concealed behind those inquisitive eyes. You are lost. You don't understand why you are so scared to meet the eyes.

The heart races a bit against time. Rhythmic beats, loud and the face turns red. It is not normal. She is near, very near. You pretend as if you are busy, like solving a complex Heisenberg equation in thin air. But why? Why are you avoiding, if you don't want to be avoided? Why do you have to pretend? Why does your heart crush a little everytime she passes by? How does she do that? Why does she do that? 
Why not just let it out? Why play the game of cat and mouse, the cat and the mouse being you! Why ? Why is this so hard? What is happening? What is wrong with you? With me ? 

PS : My fellow readers and good friends think that I shouldn't move to Wordpress ! I don't know now. I am confused. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Never Ending
What is more fascinating? That my page views are increasing exponentially even when I haven't written anything remotely as good. Or that there are some stupid bots that got into my blog somehow and its' just spreading the wildfire for no reason. Let me give you a peek.

Russiaaaa, Russia. Thank you! I am totally indebted to you. I don't really know why. But thanks, for helping me reach a minimum of thousand "views". I do want to shout "What the fuck" though, but lets' not make a big deal out of it, shall we?
I never understood the principle on what it works on. Did I schedule it so? May be I did. Back in the day, I scheduled all my posts to be published after atleast a gap of 48 hours. It's a spell that no force on earth can break it. I did it.I don't see any other alternate explanation. I tried everything you know, everything that was available in the magic book and even tried the Harry Potter's wand. But lets' just say, It's pretty messed up.

Come on.

I think this is way too preposterous. One month. One month since I posted this poll. NOt even a single vote. What was the worst thing I ever did that shooed people away, far far away.  Anyhow, 400 more pageviews and that totals the pageviews to a whooping 15k. That will be last of it. Because after that, you might not find anything here. 

It has been a great six years. And I made better friends here. I hope you guys remember me, like I remember you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Second Installment.

Knock knock.
"There's no door", shouted the angry voices.
Oh, hey hi. How are you doing?
Anyone there?

Friendship Da-what?
They usually press the "Start" button before they begin. But I had observed that he hadn't. But then I thought I was just wrong when he pressed the "Stop" button. I shold have checked then and there itself. But I was trying to save battery. My phone has an addiction problem. It just needs to be given its dose every other hour, else it would just die. The movie was fine and finally decide to check up on my fans if they were feeling alone. After all it was friendship day. The mobile data was turned on and I stared at the screen as my battery drained from 80% to 69% in a couple of minutes. No updates. This was awkward. I decide to check up on the cab bill. I had traveled quite a distance and that too on a surge, which meant I had to pay double(nearly). But the bill was okay. I didn't get more into the details for two reasons - One being saving battery, the other being booking a cab back to my place. So, I switched off the mobile. Six post cards, especially for Friendship day were on display. Yes, I bought them without giving it a second thought. I thought I will give it to my frien.. (umm wait, nevermind. I totally forgot about the no friends thing for a moment). "Write. Start writing. NOW...." were the four words that I wrote in the entire hour that I was at the coffee shop sipping the coffee while Twitter distracted me. Cab- It was reasonable in the morning, so what the hell. Surge : 2.0x.  Bill : 320/-. What was the bill in the morning? 110/- with a 1.9x surge. So, where was the difference you ask. He didn't press the Start button in the morning. Yay, Friendship Day. 

Two's a charm.
Should I or should I not ? After quite a bad taste in my mouth as how the city had treated me, I was not sure. I lazed back from office and dropped at the same coffee shop. I order my usual coffee. Two weeks ago I had planned not to spend any more bucks on a coffee, because well, there was free coffee available at office and I could have it anytime and any number of times. Anyhow, I sit back while the guy behind the desk wants to indulge me into buying a coffee cup that was a Friendship Day special and was in display for quite some time and which was the one I had it until a week ago. I knew I had to get one. So, I told him to add it to the bill as well. He was kind of happy. May be he was new to persuading someone to buy. And that Friendship Day was over, those can't be used any longer. I hit back and start clicking Snaps for Snapchat. No I wasn't chatting with anyone. But I was making a sort of Daily entry for all the days that I had been spending in Kolkata. Though I forgot to do this for a week, mostly because I couldn't see that face anymore, or perhaps I just forgot. Anyhow, they come to my table a couple of minutes after I start drinking coffee. They give me a couple of Friendship Day cards, which were more like postcards but they were cool. If you have friends it would be really great. Now, I have 3 bunched of postcards. I bought one on Friendship Day, without thinking much, not realizing that I had way too few friends ( I think I do ).

Yes, I am okay! Okay?
Trying to impress people has always been difficult. So, there is this girl. Right? There is always a girl. But then it becomes more important for one to look better and hence dress better. Sometimes the mirror lies. And in my case, the mirror is the biggest liar I had ever know. It will show me as a good looking when I look like shit. Anyhow, that's not the point. My shirt had a few creases here and there. So, I came up with a plan to wear something to cover that up, like a sweater. I didn't realize that it drew a lot of attention. I had never had so many eyes fixated at me, probably thinking what kind of a stupid I was being.I was sweating alright. I wasn't when I had started from my previous night's chilled room. Anyhow, there I was sweating and people staring at me. I had to something. So, I stared back at them. Of course they had to look away because I was giving that "What's your problem" look! But I sure as hell couldn't change their thoughts that were swirling in their mind. Finally I reach office a sort of impression to others that I was sick and still came in to office. "Are you okay? Is your health alright?", a guy asked me looking at my eyes and my sweater and then again into my eyes. "Yes, I am". "Then why are you wearing a sweater." Then I had to fabricate some story that I was feeling cold. I was sweating a couple of minutes ago. I return with an awkward expression plastered on my face. "Hey, are you feeling okay?", the guy with the loudest voice ever shouted alarming me and almost everyone in the office. I somehow managed to dodge that too. 

Sister's Logic.
"If you look at someone and they look back at you. And when you look for the second time, if they look at you again, then it means that they are into you".  He did turn a few heads. He isn't quite sure where his interests lies, what he really wants. But he got the necessary "things" which is enough to turn the heads. "I need to make at least one girlfriend before we leave from here", he says piercing his gaze into a few 'hot' chicks here and there, not sure whom to hit at. He thinks I am stupid and I know nothing what is going around. 
But he was desperate, you see. and his eyes were similar to that of a pervert, when he "checks out" the girls. I have feared that I might look exactly what he was looking like and I had discarded from the idea of even "checking" out. Thanks to his creepy looks and the resented looks of the so stared upon ladies. Though, this has made me completely invisible. Like if I crossing the road and a girl is driving, she would still find th road empty. Probably I will end up with a few broken legs.

Ain't gonna listen to you!
He sits beside me ask starts out a casual conversation. He schedules a plan and tells about what he has on his mind. He even tells me to do what he 'assumes' is right. I nodded. I nodded at his attempts to take the initiate to tell me what to do and lose the eye on the big picture. I nodded in agreement to his side of the story. I too had one, but it depended on another person. So, basically I had nothing to counter him. After  couple of hours, when the information that I was waiting for wasn't anywhere near me. And I know that they wanted to keep it that way, hidden for me for as long as possible. I have had enough and prep'd up something 'harsh' to say and not to bend to anything they were going to put forward. We discussed about this earlier, didn't we? Yes, but you said, I listened. We didn't discuss. (No, I didn't say this, but I wanted to). I put forward what I think would be ideal for me. A and B. B and A. A because you said it. A because that's what you assume is right, FOR YOU. A because there is no one else to do it. A because I have been too stupid. There was no point arguing over something that is not likely to happen. No, there isn't really. I could take it to the next level, but I don't like to make a lot of fuss about it. Yes. Me. Stupid. Go ahead, say it. 

PS : Go on a vacation.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Breaking Fast.

Knock Knock. 
Anyone there ?
# 1
Where did the author go?
I have wondered the same for quite some time. What happened to writing and what happened to the whole write a story sequence? What happened to poetry and what happened to publishing a novel? What happened to  amaze the shit out of people and leave them in thought, deep ones? What happened to starting controversies and be at the middle of it? Or. What happened to that guy who talked and talked, umm correction, wrote and wrote, about the things he wanted to do and couldn't do? What happened to making people bore their senses out and yet look for the compliments? What happened?  I never knew being in love would keep one so busy and occupied. I never knew that having a girlfriend would be so distracting, distracting from the whole writing drama. I had thought that it would bring out the poet in me, or a writer in me, or may be the creative side in me. May be it takes time. Perhaps, tomorrow you will read a different me. Or. May be I was just lying about the whole thing, the later part of the opening paragraph. Of course I was. 

Nice people.
He said he had never seen any nice people in the city while I listened to him as he drove me to my place from the airport. I asked him how he came to settle here. His wife worked in the city, he said. He talked nice, buttered with words and sugar coated honey. He took the wrong turn while he inquired about the competition he might be having from a city too far away, perhaps it was an analogy to reassure himself that he is in a better state and that he is getting the same kind of money had it been a different city. Or perhaps it was just small talk. Though, I did ask him what made him how he felt about the city as he was a year old into the city. That was when he said that there weren't enough nice people. By nice, he meant honest people. He left me with a question when he ripped open my purse emptying it. The question being "Was he a nice person?"

Plate Full.
I had made a few plans of my own. But then someone else joined in the plans. Oh no, not just joined, barged in and walked all over it. Being the overly gentle person that I was, which I don't believe but still, I welcomed them and let them mess up with their dirty shoes. Time chimed and whisked faster than the blink of an eye. The unexpected guest took the initiative as if he knew how things worked. Zipper zapper. Honks and paralyzed air. This bull and that cow. Just in time for the flight and a very rich cabbie. Yes, something went wrong. I wasn't thinking clearly. The unexpected fool(the other F word appended with an er) was well, doing justice to his name while cabbie was playing the best trick he possibly could. I could care less. Actually, I do care and I should have, had it been any other day. I just had a lot on my plate and that plate was not looking so good. 

Double Date.
The smell of coffee pulled me towards it. It did every single time I walked past it. The coffee machine. Your choice. All you need is a coffee cup. I retired that day sipping coffee from the coffee shop I found on my way back. And it got me thinking. Everyday spending for coffee doesn't seem ideal when I could get the same for free. So, the next day ( a week later) I buy a coffee cup. Fancy. Magic cup, they said. Cold one color, hot one color. Day 4. Someone steals it. Prank, I reassured myself. But I didn't know anyone. Then, I tried to search, but I being new here wasn't the best way to embarrass myself. I conclude that some MF might have took it while I made some angry remarks at the stranger and then at God. (Why God? Oh, you have in for a treat. But that depends on how this turns out to be). Two days later and after searching for a few shops, I finally take the same cup. It is as if nothing really happened, like no one even stole my cup. I don't know why I did that. I really don't. But then again, when have I thought clearly.

This is just the beginning. But then again, it could be the end. The verdict is in your hands now. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

The eyes that searched.

Photo Courtesy

I saw her a couple of weeks ago. From across the room she smiled. I smiled back. I had always liked her since I first saw her. Perhaps it was her charisma or her smile or may be it was the way she talked, animated and full of life, or I don't really know. We met formally once through the mutual friends and I have never been able to meet her again to know her better. But I did eavesdrop in the conversations her friends had hoping to get to know her a little.

No one could imagine the joy it gave when she finally smiled at me the first time. For a second, I curbed my intuition of screaming out loudly. I blacked out the voices. Boy, I was glad. She and I talked, talked about things under the sun, and the moon as the stars glazed in the night sky. I was happy and I wished that she was too. I had not contemplated what was happening with me. Sometimes, I am not aware of what was going on around me, forgetting things I was supposed to do.

And one day she waited, her eyes searching for someone, I saw her. I thought it was me, her eyes searched for. I waved to get her attention from across the road. She didn't see. I called, she didn't listen. But then there were people all around. So, I decided to go and greet her. And as I was about to take the step, she smiled like I had never seen before, the joy in her eyes were the joy I had for long time since I saw her. I was surprised how she could mimic me so perfectly. Did she know what I felt for her? Does she feel the same about me too. But the smile she had, the joy it had in the eyes weren't looking at me. They were for someone else.


P.S. : This is a pure work of fiction. Really.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Image Courtesy

I wish I could paint, I would fathom to the unheard battle cries and create a masterpiece.I wish  could sing, I would let the sky bleed and flood the deserts with water.I wish I could scream, I would wake up the battered soul and let the agony find its peace.I wish I could write, I would let the demons out and etch the words on the manuscripts of lost life, of lost self.

The silence ruptures through the void, breaking the calm stillness , causing endless ripples. Anarchy! The mind is a mess, a battleground where the pain strives inevitable , where the only friend left behind is misery. The emotions are toiled and drenched the sea with broken dreams. Its' a bloodbath everywhere.

Don't get me wrong. There is a place, where beauty has a meaning, where peace strives, where the serenity of the love speaks volumes,where harmony is cherished. Where the world is a much better place. 
At least it was there, once.


 - Ajay Kontham [ ak ™ , 2015 ]

Friday, June 12, 2015

Something borrowed.

The uniform rhythm embraced the bittersweet truth of life that it left behind with each waking moment that passed. Like a never ending echo that resonated into the abyss. Like a ripple of time that never stopped. Confusing, yet inspiring. Conjuring, yet mystical. Silently, the precious life happened. A beautiful, yet soulful existence.

But, but the echoes will fade away into silence, one day. Perhaps, when the last breath is drawn.
And those day... the light would seem little brighter, the grass a little greener, the air a little pure, the sky a little blue and world a little more lively. But the slipping time wakes, forcing its way into reality. The walls seem to close from all sides with each weakening echo, with each weakening ripple of time. The life starts to suffocate as the light at the end of the tunnels draws you closer.

Eventually, everything runs out of time one day. Or perhaps time leaves everything behind in search of a something better, a new moment. And finally the symphony meets the silence. The rhythm fades into the darkness. Like nothing ever happened.
Life happened.
And yet there is a deafening memorandum of nothingness and silence!

Aren't we living on borrowed time?

Monday, May 18, 2015

The stranger you haven't met. Yet.

The morning is bright and shining its glorious light waking you up from your dreadful sleep. You never gave it much thought. It has always been the kind of feeling, that your mind and heart are at battle over something, which you are not quite sure what it is. You have been thinking, which is unusual. It is not like you don't think, you do think occasionally but you don't think too long on a something or to be precise about her. You are still not sure who she is, what she is, but still, you ponder into the oblivion trying to figure out what is it that you are feeling, what it is that is keeping you awake all night. You saw her a couple of times and you felt the same thing every single time she made her presence felt to your eyes. You are confused. 

You see her again. The first time was more of a glimpse, a blurred image dangling in your conscious and that, which left you sleepless. You are not feeling quite right. Something is happening, is it your mind or your heart? 'Argh',  You let out sigh because you feel that no matter how round the earth might be, there was no way you would be able to see her again. But may be it was your fate or destiny or some similar catch-phrases or perhaps say a miracle, you rub your eyes just to make sure you didn't slide into that small bubble called dream. She was real. She is real. You see her. You forget something, to look away. Your eyes trail her every move. You slowly realize that everything except her is in the colors of two, black and white. She was in bright colors, looking splendidly under the warm morning sun.

She takes a seat across you, but a little far. You have the urge to take a closer look, may be even sit just right across her. But you don't want to give her an impression that girls get when they realize that a guy is creeping up closer. You want to sweep her off her feet with the agility and charm and you realize that you need to work out a bit. You shake the thoughts and drown into the dream like reality. You are awake yet lost. You see the bright brown eyes shining with charm as of there is a twinkle in them and you realize that they are smiling. You watch the  eyes brimming with innocence and which could smile. You have looked at the mirror a million times and your's never did. She takes out her book to read and trails the spoon in the across the edges of the coffee cup. She drowns herself into that book. She is in another place, another world that the book had to offer. She smiles once in a while and your heart melts as if she looked at you smiled. You see the dimples in that brief moment and sink in the candidness of her perfection. You see the curve they make and  you feel the heart racing, beating loudly as if you had sprinted non stop for a very long stretch. Your eyes do the magic of taking it all in, slowly sinking in the beauty as the breaths become heavy.

Your phone rings a couple of times. Probably it was work or some customer care trying to promote their new offers on the network or may be it was your mom checking up on you whether you had your lunch or not. But you are too busy, or perhaps too lost to respond. You slowly notice the soft curls dangling, like a chandelier, bright, think and dark, shining and exquisitely beautiful. May be you are smitten by her beauty that you find everything beautiful, but no. You have never seen anyone like her who would keep your heart racing and on your toes and lost at the same time. You are pushed back to earth when someone stands in front of you obstructing a beautiful view. Your colleague tracks you down and literally drags you to work. You know that it was an important day at work, but you had forgotten about it. You shake your head and embrace the reality. You turn to give her a final look before you dissolve into the crowd hoping that she gives you a peek. You have this weird feeling, churning in your stomach that this will be the last time you will see her. But, hope is all you are left with.

You retire for the day to the same coffee corner after a series of endless seminars, presentations and meetings. You look around. You know that it was pointless, yet that little thing called hope never gives up. He reluctantly sips his coffee re-imagining the afternoon, her. Suddenly, you smell a lavender filled the air and you feel the silk brushing your hand and someone pretty stands in front of you. It was her. You don't believe you eyes. Yet, you don't want to pinch yourself. Even if it a dream, you don't want to end. You sink in the sweetest voice, like an enchantment that is binding you in comfort, while the heart starts racing so fast that you feel like you will pass out anytime soon. You stumble to figure out what was happening around you and she says, "Is this seat taken?" holding her vanilla filled chocolate pastry melting in its warmth. You try to appear calm and coy at the same time while your mind races through a million alternatives to say to her in response and you say "No,.. please .." gesturing her to take the seat. Your mind is now an unstoppable wagon draining out of words to say, to strike a conversation. You come up with a million alternatives yet you don't know where to begin. You curse yourself under your breath. You want to make a lasting impression, but how is haunting you to death. You finally make up your mind and as you try to say it you feel a gentle push on your shoulder, "Is there anything you would like to order", says the waiter gesturing that it was time to close up. You look across your table and the realization weighs you down. You can't believe it was a dream as it felt surreal. You dozed off to her thoughts after a couple of minutes and it had been hours while the coffee became cold. And deep down you feel that there is a chance somehow, somewhere in the near future that you would see her again and strike up the conversation that you have been building up and that the next time you don't doze off.

P.S. : This is a work of fiction. No, it hasn't happened to me. I wasn't describing my experience. Yes, I hope for that to happen someday to me. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The emptiness

Hushed voices echoed into oblivion
The voices, which once spoke volumes
Which once broke the barriers
Silenced in the agony, of life.

Hope was left to scar
Thoughts were pulled into trance
Words lost their purpose
While the voices, what voices?

As the scars dug deeper,
As the expressions felt astray
As the emotions faded into apathy
Mind hushed the reminisce.

Shouted, shouted till the lungs burst
Cried, cried till there were no tears left
God collects your tears, they said
Why did he even give tears?

Light faded in the sunshine
As the sun sprang from the east
Was there even a silver lining ?
In the inane thunderstorms

Empty was the nightfalla
Stars which stopped twinkling,
Stories were left vacuous
The life, the charm that it lost.

- ak

P.S.: I haven't been writing poetry for a long time now. Hope this doesn't suck as much as I think I would. Bear with me, please. #outOfTouch #Procrastination #bloggersBlock

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This day...

The gender disparity. Aren't we tired of it, already? I see people judging, passing comments, making rules, banning stuff and taking it up a notch by going social. I just saw a guy taking a picture on his phone standing between two cars in the middle of the road, with no regards for the general public whatsoever obstructing the traffic in the busiest hour of the day and he loves his car, so what? Having a car and a smartphone doesn't make one an ideal person when his intention is to put it on the social media either trying to get "justice" or blame someone. But, but then again there are people whom we call educated, but yet they don't seem so educated. Let me quote my dear colleague who stress on a statement at least once in a day. His statement : "Girls shouldn't be allowed education". So the logical question would be regarding you, "Should you be allowed education?" But you are already educated, aren't you? And it clearly looks like you are not. Not even a bit. 

A few months earlier, there was a debate going on at the corner of the office floor where the ladies were defending their stand while this gentleman (I am being polite here. Sorry. This stupid person who claims to know everything but is actually a dud) decided to voice out his opinions stating that the women are supposed to be confined to homes. 
A valid counter argument was made which goes something like this : 
It could bee dated back to the inception of time that the man is the provider of the family and that women are restricted to homes. In the early days before people started socializing, a family in general needed food for survival. Then it was decided that man would go out to fetch some food since he is physically stronger and also that it would be logical that he would do the hunting while the women would take up the responsibility of protecting the home and taking care of their childred. (So who is the hero here?) As the time drifted it just got imbibed into the minds of the people that women are supposed to be confined to home doing the household chores while the men are the money making machines. And people are still following it as it has been a culture that has been set by ancestors(what? what kind of shit is that?). I mean, I don't understand. With changing time, people are supposed to update themselves staying within the realms of the present, the now. Are we still hunting with stones and sticks? Are we covered in mud, covering ourselves with leaves and animal skin? Haven't we changed? Yes? Haven't we become more social, advancing and improving ourselves woh time? Yes? Then why not the thinking? There are educated people and then there are educated fools. I am sorry to say that the latter aren't educated at all. It would be a disgrace to fools also. When such an argument is made making the men feel a little under the foot, there arises the ego problem. Oh, man and his ego, his superiority status, his heart breaks when a woman beats him, be it anything per say. That hurts self proclaimed ego maniac at the right spots and his response is to defend his age old status with idiotic baseless logics and well of course his stupidity.

The paradigm is that we are moving forward with time but unknowingly stepping backwards by blindly following what our so called ancestors have laid for us, the people who we are consider to be more intelligent than the people we are now. So, this estranged intellectual speaketh his mind. His argument is that it has been told by the so called learned ancestor junta (the society-rules creator or whatever they are called or referred to as) during the inception of creating a rulebook for the society, for the religion for the people of the country. A handbook of sorts that was quite acceptable at that time because firstly, at that time people were divided into different sections based on the work they did, which meant that whatever the people-with-a-feather-and-ink said was imprinted on the rocks and were laid as the foundations for the future generations. Please note that these people were well versed in all books and had knowledge of the umpteenth level. Fast forward to now, that rule book has become obsolete and needs to have some real changeover, like rewritten from the scratch. But... but people still hold it to make a point that their great ancestors weren't stupid to write this stuff down and pass this "knowledge" over so many generations. Nobody was/is calling them stupid, they were intelligent during their time and their confines knowledge at that time can't be used as reference in this time zone hundred of years later. Wake up.

Anyway, my dear colleague had the audacity to say that the girls shouldn't be allowed education and even if they did receive formal education, they shouldn't be allowed to work. And the very same reason he gave for marrying a non-working girl. He actually made it a point while searching for a suitable bride to his parents. And then, he doesn't want to any of the working ladies(sitting all around him) to meet his wife because they would give her new ideas, their share of knowledge on maintaining things and likewise which in turn might back fire at his plans when his housewife decides to start making plans and taking initiative at work. I don't know whether his ego hurts seeing women being independent and successful or what, he is simply unhappy with the whole ladies working breed. When the information about his sister who works for a MNC and earns thrice of what he does is put as a statement, he is mum about it. There has been constant efforts going on around the world to level the gender gap in education, in work place, in a nutshell everywhere. And that is the very reason for implementing the reservation for women to cut down the disparity. No amount of logical arguments could convince an illogical mind which stays adamant on suppressing the opposite gender and confining them to homes. I wonder what he would do if he has a daughter one day. Would he confine to his thoughts by restricting her to education and working, her dreams to be precise. Only Time Will Tell.


Having said that, its just not this thing that bothers me. These days a lot of things are coming into light, a lot of things are happening which are centered or surrounding women. I can't even begin to describe and comprehend what is happening around and what we have come to. Its just heart breaking. I wish people grew up a little bit. Just a little bit would be a great leap.

PS: There might be a lot of places where you might find things changing drastically from one momentum to another. It is because I haven't been able to write in a single flow( Writer's.. Blogger's block and too much procrastination). So, apologies for that. I need to be more thorough and consistent while writing.